Selfie - is it just another way of saying self portrait? Does it mean Kim Kardashian is an artist? Are we creating art for likes? Or art for follow? 

Are we addicted to escaping reality by mind-numbing scroll on Instagram?

We live in Brave New World, which is BNW, so let's keep it short and sweet, OK?


Heart, heart, blushing face, kiss, kiss, two hearts. Emotionless digital gesture in the BNW is a way of caring, being human again. Less words, more acronym, less feeling more emoticons. When emotions are replaced by ideogram, reality becomes our FOMO. We share our evidence of physical existence, and idolize others by following them. Everybody is famous for 15min, just like you said Andy, but soon we’ll wish we had our 15min of Anonymity. A frightening vision of the future, like Aldous Huxley wrote in BNW 'Everyone belongs to everyone else’. 

Self-absorbed, mindless, selfie taking, snapchat lovers. Generation Hashtag, Fashionistas and popular mainstream content is where I find inspiration.

Masking people with their own masks, taking away their fame. Unveiling their social awkwardness, our digital alter egos are socializing while we sit alone in the cold. Instant gratification, like? Patience is another virtue we lost. 

Art in the digital era is not only done by digital means, but is inspired by the digital world. We must stay physically in a digital age, we must use words so we won’t forget them, we must paint on a blank canvas so we can reinvent, we must use film so we’ll remember what is to be an original. In the abundance of faux, I fear therefor I feel. Fear of technology is a mind killer, but technology addiction is a killer. Stay IRL.

*Part displeased, part unsure what to think. This face isn’t sad, but is a bit confused and puzzled by the situation. -