My collages are time capsules of 

Experiences, fantasies, anxieties and realities. 

Karin Bar
Karin Bar (°1979, Jerusalem, Israel)

My art explores the aesthetics of dreams and nightmares.
Inspired mainly by life and duality of nature and urban landscapes and anxiety and depression, my collages represent the fine line between fearing the future and overthinking the past while still being present in the moment.

I construct images and deconstruct them into fragments which I cut and connect into a new reality in my technique. Much like dreams and memory, the visuals get scrambled, and we imagine more than we remember. By creating a multi-layered collage, I can tell an elaborate story and allow the viewer to input their narrative into mine. Each collage is a story of its own and all together tell the story of "I was there."

My work lives on a timeline between nostalgia and futurism.
When 2020 hit, I found myself mending my pain by embellishing old photos with a thread and needle, going through the past and the future, creating a new mixed media work. In 2021, I explore mixed media, motion, and three dimensions of my sculptures and video art.