Karin Bar (b.1979, Jerusalem, Israel) is a visual artist based in New Fairfield, Connecticut, USA. 

She gained a diploma in photography from the Wizo School of the Arts, Israel in 1997 and studied fine art at the Tel-Hai College of Art, Israel, finishing in 1999. 

Her work has been exhibited internationally including a forthcoming presentation of animated collages for ZAZ10TS in Times Square, New York, 2022; and within Every Woman Biennial, New York and London, 2021; Last Minute Art Show, The Bronx, New York, 2018; Design on a Dime, Housing Works, 2017; Wrangler Wanted, Dazed and Confused, Milan, 2007; Johnson & Johnson, New Motherhood, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2007; LOVE, Tel Aviv 2002; and PHOTO.SOHO, New York, 2001. In 2004 she participated as a curator and presented work during Tel Aviv Profile, focused on the façade of the City Hall of Tel Aviv, Israel.

Bar has extensive experience of on-location photography for film productions, including Fill the Void, 2012; Yossi, 2012; Zion and His Brother, 2009; Beaufort, 2007; and The Bubble, 2006. Her work has been published and featured in V Magazine, Vogue Italia, Haaretz, Maariv and Ynet.